Praise for The New Masculine Program

– Ray, Los Gatos, CA

– Owen, Los Angeles, CA

Daniel, Portland, OR

– Simon, Portland, OR

 I recommend this program to any man with even the slightest sense that he could be living his life more fully. This work will take you to your depths and beyond. Before men’s work, even though I thought I was a fairly advanced man, I was totally caught in a cycle of unhealthy habitual patterns. I was playing small in life, I sucked at intimacy, was totally afraid of vulnerability and had trouble making the money I wanted. I was constantly (and secretly) filled with anxiety and doubt about who I was in the world.

After three years of deep commitment to this men’s work, I am engaged to be married to the woman of my dreams and I have more clients than I know what to do with. I have successfully launched two business ventures that grow every day and most importantly, I relate to my life with a sense of true confidence, ease, and humor. 

Through this program I have grown immensely as a man, I have embraced being a powerful leader and a confident lover. I have done this program three times now, and I’m so enthusiastic to come back to it again and again and again.

Now more than ever I want to see men from all walks of life come together, to create a global network of men that are committed to healing and growth. I want to see a community of engaged men step up as true leaders of the heart.

I know there is always more to uncover, to discover, and to explore inwardly.  I would attribute my capacity and courage to step up and show up, day by day to the men’s work I’ve done.

“Through doing New Masculine Program left I feel way more confident as a man, with an ability to more deeply listen not only to others but internally. Through the program I’ve made some big moves in my life, I am much more devoted to my personal growth. Since taking the New Masculine Program I feel a transformation of my consciousness. 

If you are thinking of diving into the new masculine program, make sure you are prepared to have a massive shift in your perspective, and a massive shift in your life’s vision. I do not say this lightly. Whether you are ready for change or not, this program is designed so brilliantly that you have no choice but to enter the next level of your consciousness.

I am a more intuitive, understanding, and more compassionate man. And that’s the God’s honest truth.. Woah. This sh*t is REAL.”

~ Patrick Cragin Los Angeles

“The new masculine program is expertly created, through the program I’ve moved past some of my old barriers, I can show up as a passionate and confident man.

What I value most are all the brilliant tools I’ve gained, It’s greatly helped me release my limiting beliefs and past programming. The beauty of it is that I can continue using all of these tools to continue working through my issues, long after the program is over.

I am also so very grateful for the community of men that I’ve met, its really a brotherhood of conscious men. I know this will continue to support my ongoing personal growth work.

Zat has a strong presence with commanding leadership and compassion for the men. These qualities created a safe and sacred container in which each man could be vulnerable and shared his deepest darkest fears. We did so knowing that we would be fully supported by the entire group in our healing and growth.

I also much mention the amazing insights I gained from the expert guest speakers that delivered some potent food for thought. I am extremely glad that I participated in this program and would highly recommend it to any man looking for a deeper sense of fulfillment, passion and purpose in his life.”

~ Abhishek Kulkarni, 2016

“After taking the Razor’s Edge New Masculine program, I am finally able to trust myself and step into my power. I used to second guess my desires and become bogged down with self-doubt. Now I feel more confident and more decisive in what I want in my life. The Razor’s Edge immersion experience provided the safe container I needed to let my voice be heard and the deepest parts of myself be expressed. I would absolutely recommend this life-changing experience to any man wanting more in his life.”

~ Jonny Ernster, Boulder, CO

“I had an incredible experience in The New Masculine Program. It was a really safe space for me to explore darker aspects of my masculinity that I’ve been both avoiding and craving to connect with, I was gently pushed to my edges – and as a result I feel more powerful, compassionate, and whole. The program was masterfully crafted.

I’m so grateful for this experience and the community of support, some of whom will be lifelong friends. Because of this program, I am more confident in my unique expression of masculinity. I more readily see other men as allies rather than threats. I have less fear, greater determination, and a calling to play a huge game in my business, in my relationship, and in life. Thank you, New Masculine.”

~ Peter Rubin, Coach and Speaker

“The New Masculine Program created a safe space for me to deeply embody the man that I truly am. This level of embodiment is SO important. It spills over into every area of my life: My relationship is, more than ever, filled with ease and it inspires me deeply.  I’m confident in who I am as a man and I feel sexy, attractive. I know that this turns my woman on because she tells me so.

I have a powerful connection to my life’s purpose, and it is fully in alignment with my work in the world.

I’ve learned that I get to own my deepest desires and ask for exactly what I want in every area of my life. I’ve learned that I get to fully express my sexual nature and that this is not just ok, but that women crave it!

I’ve learned that I don’t have to do things alone. I’ve learned that the cultural bias for men to do things themselves is bullshit. I know that my lover, family, friends, and clients all benefit when I do.

I’m so grateful for this program. It’s stretched me in ways that are going to serve me for the rest of my life.”

~ Bob Schwenkler, Coach | Creator | Connector

“I am feeling an immense sense of gratitude for my brothers and teachers of the new masculine program. Their Selfless dedication, loving presence, relentless approval and clear communication gave me the courage I needed to step WAY outside my comfort zone.

It was truly exhilarating to experience myself in new ways and come to a deeper understanding about who I am. I have learned everyday practices that I will use for the rest of my life. I have made friends that feel like brothers. I have exceeded my own expectations. I feel a clarity and lightness that I have never achieved without the help of psychedelic drugs.

I feel like I understand women more now. I feel much less shame now about myself. I feel more comfortable in my body and more at peace in my own mind. This is easily one of the most satisfying journeys I have made in my life, and an extremely rewarding investment. I am much more able to be vulnerable with people, to open myself to them and live fully in the present moment. This is strengthening and deepening all of the relationships in my life. Thank you men”

~ Alex Feldman

“I am feeling so much gratitude for the New Masculine Program and for all the men I met in this program, it was so amazing to see myself and the other men show up in an open and vulnerable way. It was very powerful for me to see a different side of men that I’d never seen before.

This program helped me to realize there are deeper ways I can connect with others.

I have such clarity on the internal issues that have been holding me back from own success. I can now face all the stuff I had been ignoring.

I have now found myself genuinely caring about others feelings for the first time. I am able to feel and have more compassion for others. I’ve gained a new strength in myself. I recommend this program to EVERYMAN.”

~ Leo D, 2014

“The New Masculine Program has totally changed my life, I feel like I have finally begun living.

I’ve lived my life identified with false beliefs and unhealthy patterns. I’ve coasted through life unhappy, discouraged and ultimately a victim of living in lack. I’ve had low self-confidence and self worth.

The New Masculine Program team of coaches and men involved have given me invaluable tools rooted in spirituality, self-awareness and credible psychology to help me break old patterns. I’m becoming the man I’ve always desired to be.

I hold this program and all involved very close to my heart and in very high regard, and would recommend this to all men searching for self-fulfillment and a life full of magic.

Through this program I feel more confident, sexy and empowered.

I feel free of my psychological and spiritual baggage, and in control for the first time in my 24 years of life.”

~ Dylan Olsen, 2015

“The New Masculine Program sling shotted me from a path of avoidance and ambiguity to a path of crystal clear integrity that aligns all aspects of myself towards manifesting highest vision of myself.”

~Daniel Howard, Los Angeles

“I’ve been doing personal growth work for several years and taking The New Masculine Program was another powerful step in solidifying the foundation for how I’m living my life powerfully and fearlessly. Throughout the program I was continually challenged to go beyond my comfort zone into the unknown, yes, the realm where growth happens.

Whether you are new to personal growth or are a seasoned practitioner I highly recommend taking The New Masculine Program. There is something powerful for participants to experience and learn about themselves. In turn, participants enrich their lives and the lives of the people they come in contact with.”

~ David Dante

“Participating in The New Masculine program has renewed me. I was coming from a place of great turmoil, challenges and felt alone taking on many personal shadows. The program gave me everything I needed to start becoming a better man. I now have amazing tools to take into my and work with challenges that life poses brings me.

The teachers are wise beyond their years their strength and peacefulness brings me comfort. I’m grateful for having found this new brotherhood of men. Through the guidance of the program, I’ve have gained a priceless empowerment and enrichment to my life. I’ve already become more comfortable handling my fears so I can be more open to living in the present moment.

I’ve gained a new confidence to speak my voice and now live with a clear intention, my intention to continue to learn, increase in emotionally maturity, and to physically and mentally live on the Razor’s Edge.”

~ Ian Robertson

“I am so grateful to myself for doing this work with Zat! I had been so stuck in negative beliefs surrounding my masculinity. I had no idea of how these habits were contributing to my daily unhappiness, awkwardness and lack of motivation. With Zat’s help I have opened up and I am moving past my old barriers. I’ve learned to dissolve challenges through getting into and healing my core issues. I now know that who I thought I was and who I am choosing to be are very different. I am now experiencing a new level of being a man!”

“Zat’s understanding of the mind, body, spirit connection all come from his own personal excavation and unwavering perseverance…bringing back to us a teacher of great depth, experience, humour, and integrity. I love it. I love the work. I wholeheartedly recommend him.”

“Zat Baraka is a powerful and inspired teacher. His heart centered clarity has supported me on a path of evolution, compassionately guiding me through those mysterious shadow lands with his keen insight and wisdom. He’s like the porch light left on for you, a beacon for self-responsibility and freedom.”