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Allan Isbell – Program Manager 

Allan is a certified mindfulness instructor, speaker, rising leader in the men’s movement and has trained hundreds of individuals around the country. After graduating with a BA in Business Administration, a focus in Entrepreneurship and a Double-Minor in Spanish & Latin-American Studies, Allan has gone through all but one of the New Masculine Program cohorts. He has moved from being a participant to a Pod Leader, and now, to Program Manager and Facilitator. With his grounded presence and unique humor, Allan draws upon diverse influences in ancient wisdom and modern science, as well as his own depth of experience while sharing with others the life-long art of living with a clear mind and an open heart.

Jay Shine – Pod Leader

Jaymin is a global speaker, coach, and author of 8 books. His mission is eradicating the fear individuals have to act authentically and with their conscience… freeing them from societal expectations and from conforming to the unconscious practices of modern life

He has started 4 companies in 4 different countries.  He has shared his message with nearly half a million people across 5 continents, including major corporations, prestigious universities like Harvard, Stanford, and the London School of Economics as well as being invited to speak on the TEDx stage. He is involved in a variety of men’s work organizations including MKP, Noble Man, and has been involved as a leader in the New Masculine Program since its inception.

Ted Riter – Pod Leader

I come to this work after 25 years as a congregational rabbi, specializing in transitioning communities. In addition to multiple certifications and trainings, my greatest learning comes from accompanying others on their journeys and creating the highs and lows of my own life.

I currently lead and participate in multiple men’s groups. I hold coaching certifications from The Institute for Social + Emotional Intelligence and Dr. Robert Glover’s No More Mr. Nice Guy. I have been trained in the Embodied Men’s Leadership Training program and continue to assist men’s programs. Diving into “Men’s Work” is one of those things I resisted for most of my adulthood. I thought I did not need other men in my life. I thought this work would go against all of my beliefs around equality and feminism. Instead, it’s opened up the possibility for new healthier relationships with men, women, and even myself.

Daniel Howard PhD – Pod Leader

Daniel Howard is a visionary energy researcher and cleantech entrepreneur. He brings a passion for the environment, technology and social change together with a PhD in Energy Engineering and diverse experience with cleantech startups. Daniel’s path is a product of exploring the depths of his conscious and the beauty of the earth, using many personal growth modalities along the way, including yoga, meditation, buddhist philosophy, travel, conscious partnerships and deep inner work coaching.

Matthew Owen Duffet – Pod Leader

Matthew’s style is one of synthesizing seemingly disparate concepts to arrive at new perspectives. Matthew is a qigong and taiji practitioner, Chinese medicine student, and New Masculine alumni. He has been working with Zat since 2015 to radically alter his approach to life, and help other men to do the same. He holds deep presence in his work, and specializes in the subtle but powerful internal shifts we can all make to affect our lives on a grander scale.

Norbu Dorje Snow – Pod Leader

Coming soon…

Malte Hagemeister – Pod Leader

Malte is a leader in the world of music – as an award-winning composer/ artist/ guitarist/ DJ/ director he’s been working with international artists, brands, and media for 25 years now.

He left his German atheist upbringing behind for a deep personal transformation in California – studying Buddhism wisdom, mindfulness meditation, spirituality, and happiness research while rapidly growing a family of four kids (and counting). The only limitation of growth lies within ourselves, he believes – and describes men’s work as a necessary mental & spiritual gym in order to become a heart connected leader in all fields of life – especially in order to sustain a healthy loving marriage in the midst of work and family challenges. He’s been working with Zat for over a year now and is stepping into a new role as a conscious leader among men.

Safi Ahmed, M.D., M.P.H. – Pod Leader Initiate

Safi is a board certified Family Medicine physician and a board-eligible psychiatrist. He is currently completing a one-year fellowship in Integrative Medicine (aka Complementary/Alternative Medicine, holistic medicine) for the Underserved in Santa Rosa, California. Prior to medicine, he studied child development, public health, global health and volunteered abroad in various capacities. He has been exploring alternative healing from acupuncture to shamanism to zen meditation for his own wellbeing and hopes to bring this to marginalized and underserved patient populations. He stumbled upon a “heart path” 5 years ago while seeking help for chronic pain and depression. He’s been working with Zat and NMP since 2016 and is happy to find a brotherhood of men seeking personal growth and consciousness in an era of toxic masculinity. He’s a reluctant leader and hopes to bridge his personal quest for health and wellbeing with his desire to serve others in the realms of medicine, mental health and spirituality.