3 Essential Practices to Awaken Confidence and Power

Thursday, Oct 18th 6 pm PST

There is a massive misunderstanding around what masculinity is AND how to embody it.

The Deep Masculine is not just a theory or a concept, it is a way of being that requires training. It is a being-ness that you embody and live from in your daily life.

You are invited to sit with other men and enter into the training ground that most of us avoid.

Training in the Practices of the Deep Masculine Can Give You:

  • More authentic confidence
  • More capacity to deal with challenge and chaos
  • More ease in relationships
  • The courage to express your unique gifts
  • The personal power to be a stand for something greater than yourself

Men from all over the world leave these webinars with potent insights, powerful practices and a massive recharge of inspiration in their lives.

This webinar is for men of all sexual orientations, races, and socio-economic statuses.

The world is demanding more from men.

Initiate your growth and join us for this webinar.

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Mastery in Intimacy and Relationship

Saturday, Oct 20th 10 am PST

Intimacy and relationship is the most significant vehicle for personal growth. If you are a man the path of growth, then you must learn to increase your ability to move love through your body AND to decrease fear and reactivity.

This can only happen through practice, and the BEST way to practice is in connection with other men.

In this webinar, we will not just talk. We will do practices that give you a felt experience of increasing your capacity in intimacy and relationships!

Deep Masculine Practices in Intimacy & Relationship can:

  • Increase your depth as a lover
  • Help you to be a powerful unwavering presence for your partner
  • Learn to not collapse in the face of emotional chaos
  • Demolish habitual tendencies of playing small in love
  • Help you to see how your wounding sabotages relationships

This webinar is for men of all sexual orientations, races, and socio-economic statuses.

Men are wired to be in tribe, this is where men get their most significant insights and most transformative shifts.

Join this global community of conscious leaders today.

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WARNING: This is NOT a class on outdated models of hyper macho manhood. Nor will we teach you how to be a soft, sensitive new-age man. This is NOT for pick-up artists or for men who believe money is the key to success.

PROMISE: This free course WILL help awaken your authentic power as a 21st Century Man.

This Free Intro Class Will Help You …

  • Create authentic intimacy with a partner.

  • Reconnect to your deepest life purpose.

  • Have better, more passionate, heart-connected intimacy.

  • Powerfully deal with fear or shame around money.

  • Stop living other people’s expectations of you.

  • Stop allowing anger, shame, fear to sabotage you.

This webinar is exclusively for MEN of all sexual orientations, races and socio-economic status.

Every man has confusion about what it truly means to be a healthy, mature, awakened masculine man … because our fathers never taught us.

In this intro call you will:

  • Learn 3 simple practices to help awaken your authentic masculine power
  • Learn embodiment practices to support courage and bravery
  • Discover the way to experience the most profound freedom you’ve always longed for
  • Experience a container of healthy masculine men

This is a men’s only interactive online class.

You will be able to ask questions and connect with other men on the path of personal life mastery.

Join New Masculine Program founder, Zat Baraka, and NMP alumni, for an honest, raw, interactive conversation on living into your authentic heart-connected masculine power.

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