Corporate and Group Pricing

Why should you or your company enroll men in this program?

Awakened leadership! We want to contribute to the growing wave of awakened men that are effecting change in the highest places of leadership.

How can this improve my leadership skills?

Outer experience is a reflection of inner reality.

If you have any level of anger, fear, shame, or sadness that lives within you, that will be reflected in your life experiences. That will be the filter through which you lead, yes you can manage it, but our goal is to heal, transform, and integrate your wounds, issues, and traumas

The New Masculine Program is a deep dive into you. It will positively deeply impact how you show up as a leader in your family, community, work, and friendships. It will impact your relationships, marriage, finances, fathering and every other area of your life.


  • Any group of three to six men will receive a 10% discount off the current pricing of NMP.
  • Any group of seven to ten men will¬†receive a 15% discount off the current pricing of NMP.

*Please email to enroll or inquire.