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October, 2020

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  Training Men in Mastering Authentic Confidence, Masculine Embodiment, Purpose, Integrity, Vulnerability, and Conscious Sexuality.


Given the enormous challenges we face as men in the 21st century, the high rates of divorce and relationship dissatisfaction, professional insecurity and lack of fulfillment – even the higher risk of suicide for men – this training is essential for every man.

The Razor’s Edge “New Masculine Program” serves your commitment to the journey of self-discovery, to discovering the vast treasures available through personal growth and evolution.

This program will help you have more confidence, freedom, success, and peace of mind.

It will invite you to challenge yourself, to move beyond the hollow, bullshit male personas that have been imprinted into the psyche of men today.

The Razor’s Edge “New Masculine Program” is your opportunity to contribute to creating a more heart-centered world in which men are practiced at being authentic and thoughtful, and who know that true strength comes from the willingness to be vulnerable.

This is your invitation to become the Man you were born to Be.

Men face enormous challenges in the 21st century

We live in chaotic times. With the high rates of divorce and relationship dissatisfaction, professional insecurity and lack of fulfillment – even the higher risk of suicide for men (3.5x higher!)– this training is essential for every man, and for the future of humanity itself.

It’s time to step up your leadership- show up, look within, do the work.

There is so much confusion around how to be a man in the world today Movements like #metoo have cast a light on our blind spots. Men of conscience can no longer ignore the suffering caused by inequality, sexism, racism and disparate privilege.

We are calling upon all men that seek to be leaders, big or small, to transform the models of manhood that are outdated and toxic.  We are calling on all men that choose to do the inner and outer work necessary for creating radical change.

Courageously enter the training ground…

This is NOT your average training. This is NOT just a personal growth program. This is Men’s Deep Inner Work.  This is a unique and powerfully held training ground. You will be guided and supported by other men in a space where all of you is welcome. We are here to address our old conditioning, learn new ways of living and relating that are truly empowered, compassionately call each other out, with honesty, and cultivate our capacity to deal with challenges, and embody a deeper, healthier masculinity.

Don’t stand for your own bullshit. You cannot do this alone.

Most men don’t have the bravery to take the actions needed to end unhealthy limiting habits or even the insight to see them in the first place. One sign of a wise man on the personal growth path is in his seeking support and guidance from those who have tread the path before him.

The New Masculine Program was created and continues to evolve by a collective of over a hundred years of experience, steeped in the wisdom of many different traditions. It’s a masterfully crafted, highly experiential in-depth program that has garnered worldwide respect. This program has been a life-altering experience for men of all ages and demographics from around the globe.
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